2003  "Sad Tale"
The Nursery Show @ The Armory, Pasadena, CA

"...this ruined temple/ should have its sad tale told only/ by a clam digger..."
~ basho 1644-94 ~

…contemplates the ethereality of human endeavors…

A 23-minute video of a Butoh dance is projected onto a translucent plastic wall of the old greenhouse in the former Hortus Nursery in Pasadena, CA. The interplay of the projected video and the irregular patterns of light and dark made by the partially discernible ivy growing on the outside of the greenhouse is the location in which the spirits of the dance are a bride, a geisha, a crone, and a shaman.

The Bride: Miki Seifert / The Geisha: Don McCleod / The Crone: Annabelle Aylmer / The Shaman: William Franco
Music: Robert Rich / Video and Installation: William Franco and Miki Seifert

Annabelle - The Crone
The Crone

Annabelle - Birth

Annabelle w/Lantern