2003  Corpus Delicti:{noun}
The body of the offence; the essence of the crime.

Corpus Delicti Street Performance
(video contains no sound)

“Butoh was created in Japan, as a latent response to post-war anxiety and reconstruction during the late 1950's. Its essence lies in the spiritual connection between body and mind, conscious and unconscious, wo-man and nature. Butoh's aesthetic evokes a primal/mythological presence - conjuring a bridge between ancient times and the yet unwritten future. Since its creation, the 'Dance of Darkness,' has spread all over the world, 'like a virus'*, manifesting myriad intercultural mutations. Corpus Delicti appropriates the aesthetic of butoh and cannibalizes its philosophy, digesting it through the multicultural body of Los Angeles.”

-Joe Talkington & Carla Melo, founders Corpus Delicti
*words of Akaji Maro, member of Dai-rakuda-kan

Annabelle w/LanternOutline of Body
(above) Outline of one of the crowd members who became a participant.
(cornstarch on asphalt)

(right) Annabelle with lantern during performance which took place in March of 2003 in Hollywood, CA.

Aylmer was one of over 50 performers who participated in Corpus Delicti.