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2000 "Refracted Oak" - Inland Specific | Pomona College Museum of Art
Screened Images on Oak Slices | 18’ x 36’ x 12’

Inland Specific was a L.A. county-wide show of installation work of approximately 60 artists.  The six venues included Pomona College Museum of Art, The Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena City College Gallery, Harris Gallery at University of La Verne, Wignall Museum/Gallery at Chaffey College and The Claremont Graduate University Galleries.

“…Aylmer’s installation interacts with both the physical and contextual space of Pomona College.  Constructed of wood found on the campus, (a dead oak branch) the work refers to Aylmer’s personal association of the tree with life cycles, growth and time. In its structural abstraction of nature’s patterns of growth and decay, her installation combines organic form with mathematical reason. By creating a nearly mechanical repetition of a natural object, she intimates industrial precision without conforming to the bland efficiency of mass production….”

- Stephanie Porras 2000

Refracted Oak
Refracted Oak Outside
Refracted Oak (Detail)
Refracted Oak (Brain)
Refracted Oak (Clock)
Refracted Oak
Refracted Oak Outside
Refracted Oak Detail
Refracted Oak Detail of Brain
Refracted Oak Detail of Clock


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