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menuBullet12000 "Refracted Oak" - Inland Specific | Pomona College Museum of Art

menuBullet11999 "Sycamore:relocated" - Pasadena City College Gallery

menuBullet11997 "Sycamore" - SaFari at the Los Angeles Zoo

menuBullet11996 "Inlustrare" - Glendale Community College Gallery

menuBullet11996 "Untitled" - Process and Perception | Full Moon Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

menuBullet11995 "Untitled" - H.U.M. | Mendenhall Gallery | Whittier, CA

menuBullet11994 "Untitled" - Visions | Rotunda Gallery at Glendale College

menuBullet11994 "Entropy" - Studio | Downy Museum of Art

menuBullet11993 "Tension" - Installations at SITE, SITE | Los Angeles, CA

menuBullet11993 "Charged" - Artist Studio

menuBullet11992 "Untitled" - FAR Bazaar | The Old Federal Reserve Building | Los Angeles, CA

menuBullet11991 "Liminal Reflections" - East Gallery CGU | Claremont, CA


1990 "Plumbob" - East Gallery CGU
Electrical Fittings, (Bulbs, Sockets, Wire, Etc.) Wax, Twine, Eyebolts | 12 x 16' x 12'

The pendulum motion of the plumbob, the same motion of photons which baffled the “is it a wave, is it a particle scientists”, leads to the understanding and development of the electronic motion that is the basis of cultural shifts in communications and storage of knowledge.

Plumb bob 1
Plumb bob 2
Plumb bob 3
Plumb bob (Detail Light)
Plumb bob (Detail 2)
Plumb bob (Detail 3)
Installation View #1
Installation View #2
Installation View #3
Installation View Detail Light
Installation View Detail 2
Installation View Detail 3


menuBullet11990 "floating surface - Installation Studio | The Claremont Graduate School

menuBullet11989 "Untitled" - Peggy Phelps Gallery| Claremont, CA